Thursday, July 29, 2010

package from anne

Today we received a fun package from Aunt Anne Morgan! She is so sweet and thoughtful. Anne works for Little Miss Matched (check them out @ and sent Emery a box full of gifts! Emery had a great time opening the box and seeing all her cool new toys/clothes. Here are some pictures from the post-package photo shoot!

Thanks, Anne! We love you!

big girl

Here's a picture of Emery hanging out with Mommy on her day off of work. She is wearing some 6 month clothes, including this cute sleeper. She also "loves" holding onto her "lovies," like this elephant one from Dani and Mitch. We always let her cuddle one when we put her down now. Emery is starting to sleep longer but still gets up at least once a night. But I don't mind getting up with her :)

Emery meets Tucky

This past week was an exciting one for little Emery. First, she started rolling over and has been moving all around in her play box and crib! She finally learned how to roll over that chunky arm of hers that used to hold her back :)
Emery met her great-grandmother and many other relatives from my Dad's side of the family (Aunt Marian, cousins Jake and Emily, Aunt Jan, Cousins Amy and Max). Everyone came to our house for a cookout on Friday night and Emery showed off all her toys and her room. We had a full house that night! Emery got a new babydoll from the Gagrics and she loves it. It makes noises and she just looks at it and laughs. Heres a picture from Friday night.

As you can tell, she was the main highlight of the night, along with cousin Hampton. We sang a lot of silly Majzlik songs including "Emery is the baby of the family" and "Mr. Buddy"

Saturday and Sunday we headed up to Anna and John's house in Hendersonville. We had a wonderful time visiting with all the family. Grandma Tucky sang a Slovak song to Emery. Grandpa Ed aka "Uncle Meat" had a good time with all the kids. Zane played with Asher as usual. Grandma Mary Anne and Anna cooked wonderful food- including homemade pizza. Jake, Emily and Max entertained Emery and had her laughing a lot! She really liked meeting her Pittsburgh family!
We are hoping to be able to see them again at Thanksgiving for Denny and Heidi's wedding.
here are some more pictures of the weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 months old

Emery is now 3 months old. She is really a happy baby and so much fun to play with. She is really laughing a lot, mostly at her Daddy! She likes to listen to music. Her favorite singer is Miranda Lambert. Daddy plays her songs on the guitar and Mommy sings to her. She tries to sing but it just comes out as loud squealing! I think Emery is going to have the same spunk (and country accent) as Miranda has. :)
Zane took some time off of work this week to stay home and watch Emery. (Grandmommy went to Florida with the youth group from her church.) Needless to say Emery has had a lot of time "hanging with the guys" this week. First she went over to Papa Steve's house and hung out with him, Uncle A.J., Daddy, Pop and PawPaw. Did you get all of that???? She has ALL of them wrapped already!! She has also had several visitors while Mommy has been at work including... Jeff, Ashley, Ryan and Elizabeth. We are hoping to meet Uncle Jamey this weekend. He is coming to visit from NYC. Grandma Mary Anne is also coming to watch Emery on Saturday. We can't wait to see her. I think she will be amazed at how much Emery has changed since the last time she saw her a month ago.

Here's a picture of Emery's new favorite game--- tearing up paper! So Cute!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to Work

This week was a hard one since I had to go back to work. I'm also still on night shift, so it's been rough getting back into sleeping during the day and not being tired at night. The work part actually wasn't too bad since I enjoy my co-workers and my job ( most of the time). I think day shift looked out for me on my first night back as well, which I appreciated very much! I received a very warm welcome back so Thanks everyone reading from GHS! Of course I had pictures of Emery to show everyone that walked by me! I missed her but I knew she was in good hands. After all was said and done, I didn't even cry! I was proud of myself for holding it together. :) Now that Im back at work, it doesn't feel like I ever left. I think maternity leave was just a dream.....

This week was also a big deal because Emery went to church for the first time. She stayed in nursery and did great from the report that we got. Our friends Wes and Michele's baby, Leyton Jones, was also in the same room as Emery. I'm sure he was looking out for her! None of those other babies would dare mess with Leyton! :) I was a little distracted during the service wondering how she was doing. But sunday school was such a good lesson, I was able to concentrate more during that hour. It was great to see all of our church friends again. I was so happy to be in God's house and able to worship with such wonderful Christian people! I am excited to see Emery learn about Jesus as she grows up at Taylors FBC.

Heres a funny picture from bath time. We have to share the tub with Huck! He is actually mid-air in this pic.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A very Flynn weekend

This weekend Aunt Beck and cousins Laura and Davis came to visit from Augusta. Emery was so excited to see her birthday buddy (Emery was born on Beck's birthday). She played and played with everybody over at Grandmommy and Papa Abbott's house. She loved to smile and laugh at Davis. She showed him all of her fun toys over there. One time Papa went out to run an errand and he came back with a brand new exersaucer for Emery! She tried it out for a little bit and seemed to like it.

Laura did a great job helping to take care of her and played with her a lot. She came up with several new ab exercises to do while rocking Emery.

Emery also got to visit with her Pop Bailey a lot over the weekend. She likes to look at the fan at his house while he rocks her. One day I want to take her up to Hardees to meet Pop's daily breakfast crew.

I had a great time hanging out, just relaxing and enjoyed the time we had together.
heres a picture of the badger/beaver/groundhog creature that lives in the abbotts yard

Not a one woman man!

Last week, Emery and I went up to visit Aunt Anna and cousins Hampton and Asher. We picked up Asher from VBS where he learned how to use "sparkly scissors" Then the five of us went out to lunch and to the mall. It was quite busy with the three kids but Anna and I gave ourselves an "A" at the end of the day. While Anna and Asher were in the dressing room, a little old Oriental lady who spoke little English walked up to me. I was holding Hampton in one arm and feeding Emery in the stroller with the other. She must have felt bad for me because she grabbed Emery's bottle out of my hand and started feeding her. I figured she was someone's grandma too and knew what she was doing , so I let her! haha. All she kept saying was "Two babies?!?" I think she was totally confused. Emery enjoyed trying out the dual stroller with Hampton. When we got back to Anna's house, Hampton played with Emery while Asher napped. I hate to tell this to Hannah, but Hampton is definitely not a one woman man. One thing is for sure, he loves little babies! I know he will be great with the baby coming to the Hicks House in December. We had a great time with the family and even got to see Uncle John for a little while.
Here are some pictures of Hampton and Emery's Play date.



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